Day Trading Support - Resistance

Day Trading using support / resistance is one of the best ways to consistently beat the market. Learn how to spot those important levels for high odds entries

By knowing the difference types of support/resistance that occur in Day Trading you can take advantage of them. Do not make the mistake by going short just above major support or long just below major resistance.

The Difference Types:

Prior Day High/Low

Overnight High/Low

Gap Fill

Another way to increase the odds of success is to know the difference between tested and not tested support/resistance. They are traded differently so not knowing can be costly.

Last but not least using support/resistance for analysis is a great way to increase the odds of trading on the right side of the market.

Pick your trades wisely by using the material taught in the video above and you will one big step closer to profitability.

Using Support Resistance In Trading

Support / Resistance is one of the most used tools in trading and is likely to be around forever. This is because support / resistance is based on human psychology which is never going to change

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