Welcome to Stock Market Strategy. This site has been developed by Philip Thygesen who has been trading the stock market now professionally for more than 10 years. Prior to that, I have actively traded part time for more than a 15 years.

Get the Education Needed for Becoming a Stock Market Trader

This site is for anyone who is struggling to be consistently profitable when  trading the stock markets or for those of you that want to learn how to become a trader and are starting from the beginning. From seasoned pro's to novices that have not even installed any charting software yet, you may have just come across your best resource for trading education on the internet.

Why I do this?

Trading is probably one of the hardest professions to learn. This is because no stock or no market acts the same way. There is no "guaranteed" outcome. You cannot just read a book or go to university in order to become a successful trader. It takes years of studying, experience and trial & error. A big part of trading is the mental mindset and in order to get the right mindset you have to go through the ups and downs in trading.

As trading is so difficult to do successfully we believe all these "snakeoil sellers" that promote profitability in a matter of days can be devastating for new traders. This is because "snakeoil sellers" create a fake expectancy in traders mind making them believe making money consistently is easy. New traders then waste their "important" capital on these people which is the capital they need to trade for.

Trading is about capital preservation. Traders can waste time on going from one hustler to another. Time is money and learning to trade already takes long time enough. So my goal with this site is to help traders avoid being scammed and to teach them about trading for free. I feel giving back to the community is rewarding and by providing education to other traders I keep my trading mind sharp.

Find the Winning Formula

When sharing my market observations, I will give you a detailed description, including annotated charts about why Stock Market Strategy has chosen that particular stock which will help you gain the experience and confidence needed for the stock market. In addition to this, Stock Market Strategy's analysis of the overall market will drastically improve your odds of success.