Getting The Right Stock Market Education First Time!

Do not believe the hype and buy into promises about making millions by following someones calls. Educate yourself to become a profitable trader

Over the years we have seen it all in the stock market education sector. The guy that thinks he can teach you to trade in a day and the one that tells you he can get you earning 6 figures a week just by following his calls. Then you also have the ones that are trying to get you to buy their back tested 100% hit rate automated systems. Come on please tell me you don't fall for this S*%T!

Well I can tell you don't be ashamed to admit that you have because I have plenty of friends who are professional traders that have done what plenty of others have done and believed that they were getting the Holy Grail when it comes to making money in the stock market (crazy I know! These are smart people!)

What we have been trying to do over the years is teach all our stock market followers that trading the stock market takes time, discipline, education and capital. I mean, why would you place your money in the market without doing all your technical analysis first? Saying that, some people don't even know what technical chart analysis is! This type of stock market education take hours of sitting behind all your monitors, analysing what stock does what at any specific time during what time of year on every time frame you trade. Just by knowing these pieces of information should make you think! Would you then fall for that rubbish 6 figure salary, trading less than an hour a day crap!

The Stock Market takes Education, Time, Discipline and Capital

What we do aim to do with our stock market education is help reduce the learning curve and highlight the key areas to focus on and analyse when things don't go in your favour. This is another great piece of educational advice as knowing why something didn't work is as good as knowing why it did work. We also believe that it's not just the way in which we trade but also the way in which we cope mentally with placing a trade and look after that trade.

The key reason for starting this website was to keep all our own skills sharp but what we have found is that if we can save any of our follows falling for the crappy fake products out there to make you a millionaire over night then we have done our job.

Stock Market Strategy is here to help like minded traders become successful trading the stock market with important pieces of education in all of the key disciplines from technical analysis and chart patterns through to trading psychology. If there is any part of your stock market education that you would like to ask us about regarding your own trading style please don't hesitate to contact us.

Trading takes time and you always have to educate yourself to stay on top of your game.

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